Anitha – Clinica Remei

I had Louis at the Clinica Remei on 17 March 2006. I was happy with the treatment. My issue was that I did not know enough about birth techniques so wonder whether it was really necessary to have an enema and episiotomy. Talking to other mums later it seemed these two procedures may not have really been necessary though my son was premature so the episiotomy meant it was less work/stressful for him to come out. Again as my son was premature, I had not talked enough with my gynecologist about what kind of birth I wanted – to be cut or not, pain relief, epidural. As it was, it worked out fine but next time I would be more prepared.

I went to pre-natal classes (in Catalan) and found them to be a complete waste of time. I did not go to the post-natal classes as I thought a) waste of money and b) felt as if the classes were just for the instructors to make more money – not actually to help the new mother