Birth professionals

See Homebirth for a list of homebirth midwives

Doulas Barcelona

A group of doulas based in Barcelona. They can help you find an English-speaking doula. Their website is also in English.

Mares Doulas
The association Mares Doulas can help you find an English-speaking doula in Barcelona. Email them or search the directory on their website.

Shawn McSweeney
Shawn McSweeney is a certified prenatal and post partum yoga teacher and an experienced birth and postpartum doula, helping mothers, babies and families before, during and after the birth in home and hospital settings. She has been practising and teaching yoga for more than 20 years and has been working with pregnant woman and new mothers for the last 15 years. Shawn is known for transmitting gentleness and humor in her classes and with her clients. She lives in Sitges with her husband and two children. She is fluent in Spanish and Catalan as well as her native English.
Tel. 93 811 3282 or 619 880 952

Julliette Allard
French, English and Spanish speaking.
Tel. 656 639 455 or 93 207 3361

Alba del Cid
English-speaking doula. Alba is also a qualified breastfeeding advisor, and offers podal reflexology.
Tel. 93 300 5705

Vicky González
Vicky is an English-speaking doula who also offers antenatal classes. VIcky is available during any stage of maternity: pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She also gives breastfeeding support.
Tel: +34 687 986 913

Caroline Copestake
Based in and around Barcelona and the Baix Llobregat, Caroline was trained by and is an active member of the Mares Doules Association. She is available during all stages of maternity: preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. With the belief in every woman’s capacity and knowledge, she works hand in hand with mothers, working through their needs, worries and doubts. She also helps find answers in planning, preparing, taking decisions and family needs.
Caroline is also  a pyschotherapist. Her approach is respectful and empathic, bringing changes in personal processes, overcoming difficult emotions, low self esteem and relationship problems. Also counselling in grief caused by loss. English, Catalan and Spanish.
Tel. 639 402 908


Viviana Olivera
Viviana was born and raised in Mexico, and has been living in Barcelona for the past 12 years. She did her birth doula training at DONA International, and is fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan.
Tel. 635 575 536

Yana Knyazeva
Yana is a Russian and English-speaking doula, trained by Michel Odent and a qualified breastfeeding advisor.

Dr. Leila Onbargi

Based at the Teknon clinic, Dr. Onbargi is an American-trained gynecologist. Dr. Onbargi is happy to discuss birth plans and to help women who are looking for a more natural birth.
C/Vilana 12, consulta 61
Tel. 93 393 3161

Dr. Guillem Hernández
Gynecologist/obstetrican with experience in natural births and natural twin births.
Rbla. Catalunya 85 1o 1a (also has practice in Sant Joan Despi)
Tel. 93 487 9448

Dra. Carme Guasch
Dra. Guasch attends birth at the Hospital de Barcelona and at the Clinica Corachan
Comte Borrell 209, ent A
Tel. 93 439 5889

Dra. Arianna Bonato
Dra. Bonato attends births with the Marenostrum family health centre and also at tHe Hospital de Barcelona
Fontanella, 16 pral
Tel. 93 302 2915