Esther – Homebirth

Homebirth with Titania-Tascó
When pregnant with my son (now 18 months old) I started seeing a private gynecologist as we had private health insurance. After getting informed about the birthing options available here and realising that a natural birth was going to be hard to come by, I started looking at other options. After a weekend prenatal course with the association Titania-Tascó I felt very confident about having a homebirth with them. From then on, I saw my gynecologist for routine checkups and scans and also had a monthly checkup at Titania. When I went into labour the midwives, Tere and Pepi, came to the house. They were incredibly calm and relaxed and had total confidence in me at all times. I also had my partner with me and two friends. The birth itself was much longer than I’d imagined and the contractions were certainly painful, although choosing my posture well and some very effective back massage helped bring the pain down considerably. However, it was also a very joyful experience and it was wonderful to be surrounded by people who were all so supportive. I am now pregnant with my second son and plan to have him at home with Titania-Tascó again.