Michelle – Homebirth

Homebirth after a caesarean
I had planned to have my first baby at home. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way and I had to have an emergency C-section. It took months to recover emotionally and physically from this invasive procedure, and as a result I never fully bonded with my son. We still have a complicated relationship and he is very nervous and slightly hyperactive. When I became pregnant with my second child, I persisted with my dream to have a homebirth. Luckily I found Dr. Guillem Hernández and Marisa (midwife) who were willing to help me after having had a C-section. When the big day arrived (Christmas day) both Guillem and Marisa were amazing. Guillem’s philosophy is the female body carries an innate wisdom in the birthing process and his only role is to oversee this and make sure everything goes smoothly. He will only intervene if necessary, but having him there is a great security. During the birth both Marisa and Guillem had a natural solution for every “complication”. Any of these complications would have resulted in an invasive procedure in the hospital. They were also EXTREMELY patient with the process, in the hospital I would have ended up with another C-section because things were taking a while to proceed due to the scar tissue from my previous C-section. Marisa also provided relaxation techniques and tricks to make the “pain” and process very manageable. When Tahlia eventually came out, Guillem was very careful to let my body to the pushing and to not pull on her neck. I am convinced that this avoided the all so common spine and spinal cord trauma that almost all babies experience. I am also convinced that is why Tahlia was such a contrast to her brother: calm, a great sleeper, bonded and healthy. To this day she has NEVER had a drug in her body (never a vaccination, antibiotic, panadol.) and continues to thrive as a happy four year old. So, not only was this a great way for her to enter the world, but it was so much easier for my body as well. 24 hours after Tahlia was born I went for a 5 km. jog! I am baffled by women who say that they are scared of the pain of childbirth so opt for a scheduled C-section or epidural. And yet, in order to avoid this 24 hours of discomfort, they will suffer for the weeks that it takes to recover from a hospital birth! Trust me ladies, that 24 hours of hard work is well worth it, and you and your baby are worth it!!