Petra – Hospital Sant Pau

Petra: Hospital Sant Pau
I’d had what was like a heavy period pain on and off during the night then managed to go back to sleep. My husband got me up at 8.50 in the morning two days after I was due. I wasn’t feeling great, then about 20 minutes later my waters broke in our bathroom and they were really dark. So a little bit  of panic set in and I started to have more and more violent contractions. We were running around the flat trying to get my daughter ready to spend the night somewhere and trying to work out who to pack her off with when I told my husband I was going to have to go to the hospital. So I started walking there (it’s two blocks away). He came out of the house with our pram and couldn’t see me (I’d turned the corner) and started worrying I’d collapsed in the street. I was almost at the hospital, having stopped every 10 paces for a contraction, when he started shouting at me to wait while he caught up but all I wanted to do was get to the hospital door before the next contraction. We rushed into the lift and walked to the labour wing. They examined me and I was 7cm and writhing around with contractions. They basically took me straight into the delivery suite and told me to start pushing to ease the pain. Eventually he came flying out with a ventouse, they cut the cord from around his neck and then left us  there for an hour or more with the lights down while we had a bit of a feed. He was born at 10.05am!! weighing 3.1kg, actually a bit less than my daughter. We spent two nights in with no problems – except lack of sleep,  then walked home. All in all I was very, very lucky because it was so quick but very painful!