Wellbeing in pregnancy


Brigitte Rietzler
Brigitte is a doula and certified Hatha yoga teacher. Her yoga classes work on the whole body awareness and alignment to integrate all the changes that are occuring, emphasising postures that softly strengthen the whole body to prepare for labour. She also works on awareness of the pelvic floor and different breathing techniques. There is constant connection with the baby throughout the session, which finishes with visualisations and relaxation.
English, French and Spanish spoken
Every Thurs 1.30pm-2.45pm
Anahata Yoga Center
Aribau 61
Tel. 651 963 367

Besides pregnancy yoga classes, this centre also offers courses designed for pregnant women and couples with a different focus for each trimester and focusing on preparing body and mind for birth. They also do belly dancing classes for pregnant women, yoga for mothers and babies and baby massage sessions. Their main centre is located near Pl. Catalunya, but they have other centres around Barcelona. All details on the website.
Pelai 52 3o 2a
Tel. 93 301 8647

Isabel Coca Camín
Isabel offers antenatal classes of two hours. One hour is dedicated to information about birth and the other to yoga and breathing exercises.
Casanova 27, 4o 4a (betw/ Gran Via & Sepulveda)
Tel. 93 252 10 98 / 608 23 62 90
Email: Isabelcoca@yahoo.es

S16 Espai de Salut
Yoga and belly dancing classes for pregnant women.
Pau Claris, 163 4o 1a
Tel. 93 215 12 05

Yoga studio
Pregnancy yoga classes specifically designed for the pregnant woman. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.
Pl. Universitat 4, 1o
Tel. 93 451 2928


US acupuncturist Brooke Phillips specialises in fertility and pregnancy. She works with women who are having problems becoming pregnant and pregnant women who would like to prepare their bodies naturally for pregnancy. She has practices in Barcelona and Cerdanyola.
Balmes 151, entlo.
Tel. 93 292 0106

www.fertilidadnatural.com (in English and Spanish)

Remedy Centres
Dr. Russell Dean, orginally from the UK, specialises in chiropractic care for pregnant women.
Sant Cugat
Tel. 93 544 1916

Studio Australia – for Life
Studio Australia – for Life is a natural health centre for infants, children and parents. Their specialist practitioners in the areas of pilates, osteopathy, acupuncture, reflexology and therapeutic massage offer tailored services to treat issues relating to fertility, gynecological problems, pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation, birth preparation and support, pre and post natal care and birth trauma.
Gran de Gracia 47, Pral. 1a
08012 Barcelona
Tel. 93 218 5093/ 649 347 392

Email: mandy@psaustralia.com