Zoe – Homebirth

Homebirth with Mare Nostrum
I had a wonderful homebirth with Inma Marcos, an independent midwife who operates though the Mare Nostrum centre, and a doula called Imma Sarriez from Mares Doulas, both highly recommended.
I also visited the Seguridad Social midwives throughout the pregnancy; they orchestrated the blood tests and ultrasounds. I found them clinical and often downright rude, but luckily I was clued up and confident enough to refuse routine (and in my opinion) invasive procedures like internal examinations. They didn’t feel my belly once or check the position of the baby as opposed to Inma who told me late on in my pregnancy that the baby was posterior. Luckily, with special exercises, we turned him.
The actual birth was a wonderful experience – considerate, natural and on my own terms. Apart from how I felt, it was important to me that the baby was respected and treated with care- no bright lights, strange people and smells, no unnecessary washing and dressing, and no injections – we opted for the oral doses of vitamin K. I do not understand the desire for a hospital birth. For me hospital is where you go when you are ill, and pregnancy is not a sickness. The homebirth made me feel proud of my body, my experience and my rights as a woman.